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Anarchy Beyond the Walls

Issue 4

Karina returns to the city gates, where Dylan picks her up.  He returns her to her mother. Neither Karina’s mother, nor Dylan seem worried about Karina’s well being. Instead, they are focused on how to best spin the story of her running away to the press. Dylan gets the GPS coordinates from the pictures of Shane and the Gas Station that Karina took with her phone. Life around the station is different without Karina. Elizabeth cajoles Shane into admitting that he misses her. They each leave on separate errands, leaving Grams alone at the station. Dylan arrives with a MEG force. Shane arrives back and is spotted by Dylan. Dylan gives chase, but Shane eludes him. He returns to Uncle Hank’s place, where Elizabeth is. Dylan IDs Shane from pictures on Karina’s phone, through the MEG records division. With the help of the insurgents, Shane makes his way into the walled city. Shane finds Karina, in her wedding dress, crying. Wesley sees them trying to escape, and alerts Dylan. Dylan leaves the alter to give chase. Dylan pins Shane and Karina down on the roof. Surrounded, Shane tries to figure out his next move.


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