Taking Eden

Marnie is a naive small town girl lost in the big city club scene.  She worked two summers at the local Frosty Cream to save enough money to move to the big city. Staying with her cousin Jasmine, a gothic DJ, she becomes an unwitting part of a unique drug culture.  Sky, the owner of multiple night clubs, along with his minions, David and Crystal, are abducting young women. They are using magic to extract their innocence which they process into a designer drug called ‘Eden’. They will stop at nothing to keep a steady stream of product moving to their high profile clientele.  

When Marnie crosses paths with Sky, will she be able to resist his charm and the excitement of a lifestyle she never imagined?  

Will she even want to?

Taking Eden is gothic horror and romance comic book for mature readers. The story is very much a character study. We’ve strived to make the characters feel very real, despite the fact that most, if not all, are pretty damaged goods. Taking Eden will follow an eighteen issue story arc with a finite ending.


Author:  Malcolm Johnson and Jason Beckwith

Pencils and Inks:  Niño Harn Cajayon

Color:  Gonzalo Duarte

Preview of Issue 1

Meet the Main Characters

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